Whole Smoked Whitefish

Nothing is quite as tempting to true fish lovers as a Whole Smoked Whitefish.

Its distinctly smoky yet salty flavor is an exceptional alternative to tiresome Tuna sandwiches and can work great as a mouthwatering appetizer alongside some crackers.

Any fish lover who hasn’t tried whitefish themselves is in for an intense and wondersome treat, full of flavor, smoke, and protein that is bound to satisfy the tastebuds!

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Types of Whole Smoked Whitefish We Sell

At Banner Smoked Fish, our staff has over 120 years of experience in preserving and smoking, and curing a long-held recipe that is true to tradition.

We have mastered preserving these traditions and implementing modern business practices that put the customer’s needs first.

We only use the absolute best quality, responsible whole whitefish from throughout the great lakes and ocean fisheries worldwide.

All the smoked whitefish we sell are steeped in full-flavors of salt and smoke and enriched with natural protein.

In terms of the quantity of that we have in stock, the availability is something which we always strive to match with customer demand.

Orders can be made in bulk quantity and smaller orders, and your order will be packaged professionally and efficiently to allow for quick shipping and delivery all over the US!

All of the information about our various shipping costs and delivery options can be worked out through our simple online checkout service. It is also possible to read previous customer reviews.

By reading any review information at our online checkout, customers are guaranteed to be assured that the items we sell are bursting with delectable flavors – and that the order will be delivered in a timely and efficient way.

Our whitefish salad is one of our highest rated products by far.

We have developed a reputation around Brooklyn and beyond as the go-to retailer for Whitefish salad and also you can buy smoked whitefish salad online from us.

This is because the recipe we use is kept to tradition to preserve the natural flavor and create the best results possible.

It is available in 5LB sized tubs but can also come in smaller 1LB tubs upon customer request.

The lake whitefish we use in our Premium Whitefish Salad is carefully selected to contain the best quality cuts available.

Our premium salads are available in both 1Lb, and 5lb sized tubs and can offer a well-needed luxurious break in today’s hectic world.

Other types of Smoked Fish Products We Sell

At Banner Smoked Fish, we pride ourselves on our family tradition and years of experience.

Besides offering some of the nations best Whitefish, we also provide a range of other smoked seafood products:

  • Hot and Cold-smoked Salmon (prepared in a range of different flavors and presentations).
  • Smoked Trout.
  • Smoked Tuna.
  • Smoked Mackerel, and more.

In our years of service as a top-tier fish supplier, we have always strived to offer our customers the best quality product in a timely and efficient way.

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Healthy Fish and Seafood Recipes
Smoked Whitefish Bagels

We’ve always been firm believers in the ‘classic,’ and nothing is more classic than a bagel.

That said, when a tuna bagel begins to feel somewhat old and tiresome, replacing it with some of our top-quality smoked whitefish can be a great way of bringing back the flair to your lunchtime snack!

You can always find out more tasty, healthy seafood recipes by joining our mailing list.

Buy Smoked Fish Online Directly From us in New York.

By combining modern food safety standards with a product prepared in proper tradition, we have earned a reputation as a wholesaler you can trust.

Doing so has helped us become a trusted provider of seafood to some of the top delis, caterers, cruise liners, airlines, bagel stores, supermarkets, and even several high-end country clubs.

Every one of our premium salads is made and packaged at our state of the art Brooklyn facility before shipping out the order to destinations worldwide.

Simply search our online store and place an order, or call on (718) 449 1400 to checkout this way instead. Trust us, it’s better than any products you’ll find at your local grocery store!

What Kind of Fish is Smoked Whitefish?

When people think of Whitefish, they often assume that it can be any white fish.

However, this isn’t technically true as most whitefish we eat are either Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Hake, or Whiting. As they say, you learn something new every day!

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