Smoked Fish Brooklyn

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and plenty of fish companies to buy from, but the Banner Smoked Fish company is one of the best when it comes to high-quality Smoked Fish in Brooklyn.

About Our New York Banner Smoked Fish Company

At Banner Smoked Fish, our company has been family-owned and operated since 1988 and is based in beautiful Brooklyn, NY.

We are dedicated to shipping and delivering high-quality, great-tasting products to any customer.

We source our fish from locations around the world that all adhere to the HACCP compliance for food and safety regulations, so you can rest assured that the purchase you receive is safe and ready to eat, hot or cold.

Why Choose Banner Fish Market Products?

We are committed to quality, innovation, and most importantly, tradition. It’s this family tradition and our years of experience that allows us to give our customers the highest quality products that they deserve.

We pride ourselves on having a safe and clean environment to prepare our fish and cater to everyone, from supermarkets to country clubs.

The Smoked collection fish We Sell:

If you’re looking to order something smoked, here’s a range of the items we sell in this collection:

  • Smoked Whitefish:

    A smoky fish with a slightly tangy taste, whitefish is a tasty component to any dish, especially salads.
  • Whole Nova Smoked Salmon:

    Salmon is one of the most popular fish products that people purchase, and nothing beats our Nova smoked salmon. It is a wonderful addition to any order.
  • Kippered Salmon:

    Great for those who love a subtle salty and smoked taste.
  • Sable:

    Has a rich, buttery flavor and a delicate texture, a great addition to any meal.
Healthy NY Style Smoked Fish Recipes:
Brooklyn Bagel:

Brooklyn bagels coupled with our smoked salmon are a recipe for success. As far as sandwiches go, nothing beats a lox bagel with some cream cheese and our smoked salmon. This sandwich recipe was voted best Jewish food in NY.

The New York Smoked Salads:

Whatever way you enjoy your salad, from simple lettuce to a vegetable buffet; our smoked fish is the cherry on top.

From Brooklyn, NY, our fish is the perfect local addition to any NY salad and can make a difference when people are looking for that satisfying taste and flavor.

Just head on over to our Instagram account to find inspiration on what recipes you can try with our fish, we promise they won’t disappoint.

Order your Smoked Fish Online Directly From us in New York

We have an online shop that shows you what we offer and stocks our specialty items from caviar to cold-smoked mackerel. No matter what products you’re looking for, you can find them in our shop.

Were always open if you need advice, recommendations, or information on our products and how long they’ll last.

All you have to do is call or email us to get in touch, and we’ll share with you everything you want to know about our products.

Anything you buy as a customer gets shipped directly from us in Brooklyn, NY to where you are; and if we can’t get to you, you can come to us with collections and pick-up at our factory.

Simply search our online store and place an order, or call on (718) 449 1400 to checkout this way instead. Trust us, it’s better than any products you’ll find at your local grocery store!

Our Dedication to Restaurant quality Smoked Salmon and Fish

Whatever you order, we ship all of our products with dry ice or ice packs from Brooklyn, NY to endure temperature-controlled deliveries.

Certified Smoked Fish in NY

Our company is Kosher certified, so you know what you’re getting when you order a product from us.

We also have the highest standards when it comes to safety regulation and sanitation compliance. This means you don’t have to worry one bit about what you’re buying, it’s always going to be the same great quality with the same amazing flavor.

Our fish is sourced from high-quality fisheries from around the world that all adhere to the HACCP compliance for food and safety regulations.

And we send your items directly from our factory on location in Brooklyn, NY, so you know you’re getting the best produce, nothing less.

Why use Banner and not other companies like acme smoked fish?

Although Acme smoked fish is a great contender, Banner Smoked Fish is all for quality over quantity. We value simplicity, with our company only having four brands. So our customer gets the same great tasting products at the same great quality prices, every time.

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