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  • Homarus Smoked Fish

    Homarus Smoked Salmon

    The Homarus Smoked Salmon line represents a brand staying true to its core. A fine smoked fish company that services most of the globe at the finest establishments. Homarus products are mostly found out of the tri-state area and represent the greater America and its constituents. A true relic in the smoked fish business, Homarus is known for its dedication to flavorful smoked fish, a bit less on the salty side.

  • Banner Smoked Fish

    Banner Gold Selection

    Banner Smoked Fish Packaged Product Represent some of the finest Smoked Fish in America. Banner Gold Selection Products, known for its outstanding commitment to quality and perfection is one of the largest OU Kosher Certified Smoked Fish labels in America. The Gold Selection product from Banner Smoked Fish features high quality smoked fish and is cured carefully and smoked delicately to perfection.

  • Marshall's Best

    Marshall's Smoked Fish

    Marshall's Best Smoked Fish is a true brand focused on the flavors of the market, its unique products feature a specialty scottish salmon, norwegian salmon, gravlax salmon, pastrami salmon, and more. Additionally, the Marshall's Best brand is known for its unique and soft taste on its whitefish salad. It is an old gem on the smoked fish scene and represents that to this day.

  • Brooklyn's Finest

    The Finest Smoked Fish in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn, NY. Where it all began. Brooklyn's Finest Smoked Fish represents everything Brooklyn. From the look and feel of the package to the delicate and delicious smokey taste on our premium line. Brooklyn's Finest Smoked Fish is for the die hard Brooklyner looking for that unique and special Brooklyn Smoked Fish taste. Manufactured in our facility in Brooklyn this product will be sure to be a respite of your past time.


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