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If you are looking to Buy Smoked Whitefish Online you have come to the right place! At Banner Smoked Fish. we provide high-quality smoked salmon to Brooklyn and the wider New York area.

We offer a big variety of smoked fish products including salmon, whitefish, and herring.

No matter your location we can deliver whatever you add to your cart.

Whether you’re wanting to order in bulk or simply wanting orders for home meals, we can service you.

Smoked Whitefish

Buy Smoked Fish Online Directly from us in New York

We’ve been shipping orders to leading country clubs, caterers, airlines, cruise lines, deli’s, and more across the world for many years.

We promise you’ll get the smoked fish items you add to your cart – delivered to a location of your choosing – in a fast and safe manner.

Freshness and Quality

150 years of curing, smoking, and processing experience provides our staff with the knowledge and expertise required to maximize the flavor and quality of the smoked fish goods you add to your shopping cart.

We ship our goods with dry ice or ice packs and ensure safe, temperature-controlled deliveries.

Free Shipping and Packaging

All orders from our vast menu of fish offer free shipping with orders over $100 and in the tri-state area and packaging with tracking also available.

We promise a timely and high standard service when you order from us.

Working with our distributors for many years has given us the experience to deal with any issues which can happen in transit, so you can feel safe in the arrival of your order in time.

We also assure the highest standard in safety regulation and sanitation compliance throughout the packaging and shipping process.

You can also pick up delicious smoked whitefish, salmon, or other fish products direct from the factory! Available for pick up throughout the week from 12 PM to 4 PM and on Fridays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Types of Smoked Whitefish

At Banner Smoked Fish our smoked Whitefish is available in medium size of around 1.5 lb, a large size of around 2.5 lb, or a jumbo size of around 3.5 lb.

Our whitefish salad is available in a 1lb container or a 5 lb container.

Whitefish often have a mild and slightly sweet flavor. They are related to salmon but have pure white meat and are harvested from cold, northern waters including all of the Great Lakes.

Add Smoked Fish to your Shopping Cart from a Trusted Supplier

For more information on anything regarding our menu of fish, you can call up our friendly staff members or visit our website for a description of all the goods we offer.

Call us at (718) 449 – 1400 or order online at

Our staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM or you can email us at

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