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Types of Smoked Fish We Sell

The Smoked Fish collection includes sockeye salmon, caviar, black cod, mackerel, trout, sturgeon, and salmon lox. All the products are on sale, just add them to your cart if you order from the website’s newsletter.

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Norwegian Salmon

One portion of Norweigan smoked salmon provides a person’s weekly needs of omega-3 fatty acids.

Scotch Salmon

Scotch smoked salmon is tender and buttery, with an orange-pink color. It is farmed in the cold Scottish waters and its flavor comes from the whisky barrels during the smoking process method.

Pastrami Nova

This is gourmet smoked salmon seasoned with Brooklyn-style spices, creating a savory rich flavor that complements the sweet fruitwood smoke of the nova.


This is a Nordic recipe of cured salmon with salt, sugar, and dill.

Center Sliced Salmon

A center cut of sliced salmon is ideal for your dinner as it is rich in color and flavor.

Whole Nova Smoked Salmon

‘Nova’ refers to where the fish is caught (Nova Scotia). It is a style of smoked salmon, in which the fish is first cured and then lightly smoked.


The white flesh of sable is soft and mild, with a flaky texture and high-fat content.

Kippered Salmon

This is salmon that has been salted and smoked.

A native North American fish, this smoked fish works well in salads.


This fish is white and moist with a hint of hickory smoke and marinade.

Trimmed Nova Salmon

Small pieces of trimmed nova salmon have a rich, deep flavor and a soft texture. They are perfect for adding to your pasta dishes, salads, or sandwiches.

Presliced Smoked Salmon

These are delicately sliced pieces of salmon smoked laid back on their skin.

Nova Bits

These are chunks of nova salmon in a bag ready to order.

Whitefish Salad

This salad is made from smoked whitefish mixed with mayo, sour cream, chopped fresh dill, celery, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Kippered Salmon Salad

This salad is creamy and chunky, great for dipping with toast or a cracker.

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Smoked Fish Recipes
  • Asian Cusine Salmon in Foil
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked Haddock and Mash
  • Smoked Mackerel
  • Smoked Caviar and Hummus on Pita
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