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Nova salmon is renowned throughout the world for its delicious taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture. However, with varying quality of smoked items on offer, how do you know you are buying premium food and not a piece of fish past its best?

No one wants to become ill after eating something dodgy, so avoid the amateurs and come straight to us, the only professional fishmongers you need. We pride ourselves on only producing quality salmon that has been smoked to perfection.

If you are curious to learn about some of our trade secrets then this guide will tell you all the information you need to know.

Sliced Smoked Nova Salmon

Freshness and Quality

Ensuring our fish remains top-quality and tastes as good as the day it was made is essential. Our customer reviews will also tell you that we only sell the best.

How do we achieve this?

We have implemented the highest HACCP food safety standards possible throughout our factory. This ensures that every one of our products is not only guaranteed to be safe for human consumption but is also market-leading.

Our experienced fishmongers only select premium fish from certain locations around the world. This ensures that only superior quality salmon arrives at our factory.

Free Shipping and Packaging

We know that you might not be local to Brooklyn, New York factory, where we are based, so we have made it easy and simple for people to purchase from our website. With a couple of quick clicks, you can have your favorite smoked salmon delivered straight to your door.

Before you know it, you can be eating a cream cheese bagel topped with our popular flavor filed lox.

Our safe delivery process

We guarantee that every product that goes out for delivery arrives at its destination in the same fresh, tasty state that it was produced. No matter whether you have ordered one lunch item or placed multiple bulk orders, every customer is equally important to us.

Our products are vacuum packed for long-lasting freshness and our delivery trucks are carefully temperature-controlled to prevent any items from spoiling. This allows customers from across the United States to enjoy our flavorful fishy treats.

Types of Smoked Fish Products We Sell

If you have had any of our award-winning products before, then you will know that it is the best cold smoked salmon you have ever tasted.

This carefully selected salmon comes from Nova Scotia in Canada before being cured in our secret salt and sugar seasoned blend. It is then finished by being cold smoked over a secret combination of wood.

Is Nova Salmon good for you?

There are many health benefits from eating moderate portions of lox and cold smoked salmon slices:

  • It is a good source of protein
  • Includes a wide range of B Vitamins and D Vitamins
  • It is a source of Selenium and Magnesium

Different Types of Nova Salmon We Sell

Salmon can have many different culinary uses depending on how it has been prepared and finished. However, for the ultimate taste experience, it needs to be finished to perfection. This is why every different type of salmon we sell is world-leading and great value for money.

The different types we sell include:

  • Whole Smoked Salmon
  • Trimmed Nova
  • Bacon Cut
  • Sliced Salmon
  • Lox

If you are unsure which is the ideal product for you to try, then speak to one of our professional fishmongers for more information. You can then enjoy your lox bagel or salmon salad, knowing you have made a perfect choice.

We always warn every new customer that you will need to try every type to decide which one is your favorite.


Why Choose our Nova Salmon

We are a friendly family-run business with over 120 years of fishmonger experience. This allows our factory site to produce and stock a wide range of quality salt-cured salmon and lox products.

Our careful scrutiny of every fish that we source enables our staff to produce superior products that blow our competitors out of the water. As a result, each product features quality marbling and mouth-watering color that many people spend years searching for.

If you are looking for something specific on the menu or you want to know where to buy smoked nova salmon or want the ultimate smoked salmon taste experience, then you need to visit our Online Shop today. You won’t find more selection anywhere else.

Buy Nova Salmon Online from a Trusted Supplier

Buying the best smoked-salmon in the United States has never been easier. Call us on (718) 449 1400 or order online. Our full selection of products is available on our website, or we can talk you through each item over the phone. Delivery is quick, or you can collect from our factory site if you are local to Brooklyn.

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