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Smoked Fish

  • Best Smoked Salmon

    Whole Nova Smoked Salmon

  • Best Smoked Sable


  • Best Kippered Salmon

    Kippered Salmon

  • Best Smoked Whitefish

    Smoked Whitefish

  • Smoked Fish Smoked Chubs


  • Trimmed Nova Smoked Salmon

    Trimmed Nova Salmon

  • 3 Lb Center Sliced Smoked Salmon

    3 LB Center Sliced Salmon

  • 3 LB Bacon Cut Salmon

  • Sliced Smoked Salmon

    Presliced Smoked Salmon

  • Best smoked salmon nova bits

    5 LB Nova Bits

  • Smoked Whitefish Salad

    5 LB Whitefish Salad

  • Best Baked Salmon Salad

    5 LB Kippered Salmon Salad


wholesale & Distributors

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