Best Smoked Salmon

There are various taste considerations and many different options to choose between when choosing the Best Smoked Salmon.

Smoked salmon has always been a crowd favorite across the world and can often be the most memorable part of any memorable meal – be it a delicately balanced entre or an indulgent breakfast.

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How We Choose The Best Smoked Salmon

At Banner Smoked Fish, we are a firm believer in using only the top-quality ingredients and responsibly sourced fish from several trusted fisheries worldwide.


We ensure that all of the salmon we offer adheres to the highest possible degree of HACCP food safety compliance – which means customers can be assured it is of the best standard available.


Whether it is the type of fish itself or the equipment or woods used in the smoking process, many factors contribute to the much-loved, delectable taste of smoked seafood.

The salmon fillets we offer are chosen for their refined and enticing flavoring and tastes, ranging from strong full-oak smoked tasting fillets to sweeter smoked maple syrup salmon candy.


When we pack our seafood to be sold in supermarkets or on a grocery store shelf, we always make sure that each smoke salmon is packaged and preserved in the best possible way and kept at an appropriately cooled temperature to retain its natural flavor, texture, and taste.


Our smoked salmons and other seafood products we offer are sold at rates that accurately represent the product’s quality. But, we still maintain a great degree of affordability and accessibility. Try our low-cost direct from the manufacturer pricing today!

How We Choose The Best Smoked Salmon

We ensure that all of the salmon we offer adheres to the highest possible degree of HACCP food safety compliance – which means customers can be assured it is of the best standard available.

  • Banner Smoked Fish
    Banner Smoked Fish
    Banner Smoked fish products are the largest OU Kosher Certified Smoked Fish labels in all US and have a long-standing tradition of only providing the absolute best quality salmon fillets.
  • Homarus Smoked Fish
    Homarus Smoked Fish
    The Homarus Smoked Fish line of products is a true testimony to the power of sticking to your core beliefs. Homouarus produce is a common feature in seafood shops and delis in the tri-state area and is exported throughout the world.
  • Marshall's Best
    Marshall's Best
    Marshall's Best seafood produce is renowned for its full and unique flavor and tastes. They specialize in many imported salmon from Scotland, Norway, and beyond.
  • Brooklyn's Finest
    Brooklyn's Finest
    Brooklyn's Finest is a smoked fish retailer that is true to its roots. They are a die-hard Brooklynite's go-to choice for locally sourced and smoked seafood and have been a staple in the Brookly community for several years.
The 3 Best Smoked Salmon Options We Offer

1. Gravlax

Gravlax salmon is cured to a traditional recipe, which involves burying the salmon in a dry marinade of dill, kosher salt, and sugar for a few days.

This gives each slice of the salmon a smoky, full taste and a silky ‘raw’ like texture and touch.

2. Presliced Smoked Salmon

All the pre-sliced smoked fish we offer is naturally cured in our on-site smokehouse at our Brooklyn facility.

Each stage of the process is kosher certified, and every ingredient used in the smoking and curing process of our salmon slices is of the highest possible quality money can buy.

3. Balik

Balik smoked slices are by far one of the ‘fanciest’ cuts that we offer.

They are preserved in a smoker gently and with expert care and lightly cured to retain the fish’s naturally rich flavors.

It goes perfectly with either a thin spreading of cream cheese or a simple squeeze of lemon.

Different Types of Smoked Salmon

Smoked seafood typically comes in two distinctly different forms – Cold Smoked and Hot Smoked.

Both of these make for a sublime dining experience, but it may help buyers be aware of the differences between them.

Cold Smoked

This is the most popular option for those who want that ‘raw’ fresh fishiness that is enriched with omega 3.

It is dry-cured using prime cuts of salmon, which are left in salt to reduce moisture in the fish, and is smoked at roughly 970º Fahrenheit, which is a comparatively low temperature.

Hot Smoked

Hot Smoked salmon slices are generally enjoyed warm and have a flakier composition and a firmer texture.

They are left to brine in salty water before being smoked at a higher temperature of about 150º Fahrenheit, giving it a smokey taste and flakiness.

Why do you Need Smoked Salmon in Your Kitchen?

Smoked salmon can be a great way of bringing out the more subtle flavors in several meals and providing a tasty (but minimal effort) entre that is bound to please any guests you may have.

By adding some smoked salmon to a meal, you can transform your simple lunchtime bagel into a truly marvelous meal for the ages.

If you are looking for a smoked seafood retailer, you can trust us to provide you with only the absolute best to call us at (718) 449 – 1400 or order online.

At Banner Smoked Fish, we believe that good quality speaks for itself and that everyone should be able to enjoy the finer things in life – such as top-quality smoked salmon – without having to break the bank or travel to a foreign county.

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