Health, Safety, and Compliance

At Banner Smoked Fish we are proud to serve our customers knowing that we are serving a clean, healthy, and sustainable product.

Our Smoked Fish goes through a rigorous process to eliminate all harmful bacteria and is tested regularly by laboratories with specialties in bacteria. Banner Smoked Fish goes through regular New York State Inspections as well as inspections under the Food and Drug Administration for Seafood Compliance. Our staff is HACCP certified and are regularly trained and taught the latest trends in food safety and bacteria control. Most recently, Banner Smoked Fish has employed a new program to eliminate bacteria in their state of the art facility in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Employees are constantly trained under the HACCP Seafood Guidelines and are constantly learning to ways to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Our staff has over 100 years of Seafood HACCP experience and are kept up to date under the current guidelines of the FDA and other governing authorities.

Banner Smoked Fish stands by its commitment to serving a healthy, clean, and sustainable product for our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our safety protocol and HACCP Seafood experience feel free to contact our plant managers via email at any time.