Why Use Banner?

At Banner Smoked Fish, we believe that our customers deserve our highest commitment to quality, innovation, and tradition.

Banner’s ability to produce a wide range of fish specialties has made us the easy one-stop choice when buying premium smoked fish, pickled herring, caviar or ready-to-eat fish products. Banner’s array of smoked fish includes both cold and hot smoked salmon in various flavors and presentations, kippered salmon, smoked whitefish, caviar, smoked trout, smoked tuna, smoked mackerel, and more.

When it comes to smoked fish, Banner’s many years of experience and family tradition gives us an opportunity to serve and deliver every type and size of customer across the country. We have the pleasure of serving the most high end country clubs, caterers, airlines, cruise lines, deli’s, bagel stores, supermarkets and more. We always strive to produce a higher quality product time after time and do so in a safe and clean environment. Our staff has over 120 years of experience with curing, smoking, and processing fish, and has the highest standard in safety regulation and sanitation compliance. At Banner we are always readily available to answer any questions, offer product advice and recipes, and assist in any way possible. And, feedback and suggestions are always welcome and respected.

At Banner we’re paving the way for a new standard in smoked fish and we appreciate every one of our patrons.

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