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The Finest Quality Smoked Fish, Made in Brooklyn, New York.

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At Banner Smoked Fish, we believe that our customers deserve our highest commitment to quality, innovation, and tradition.

Over 120 years of experience

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Our staff has over 120 years of experience with curing, smoking, and processing fish, and has the highest standard in safety regulation and sanitation compliance.

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Banner Smoked Fish

Banner Smoked Fish was founded in 1988 and has been creating the same high-quality products for generations. Our recipes that have been passed down using age old techniques blended with our state of the art facility in Brooklyn, New York.

We treat our smoked fish products as works of art and we try to ensure we always offer our customers the best.

At Banner Smoked Fish we produce only the highest level quality smoked products in the market. We source our salmon and other types of fish from fisheries around the world that all adhere to the highest standards of HACCP Compliance for food safety and regulations. We produce both hot and cold smoked fish daily and service some of the finest stores in America and beyond.

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Whatever your needs, we can most certainly find you something that's right for you. Call us at (718) 449 - 1400 or order online for pickup or delivery.


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Why Choose Us?

You will not find a place that sells such a wide range of salmon and smoked fish products in New York.

Whether it’s salmon, salads, herring, dips, or something different that you’re after, we have the staff on hand to help you get it.

We have the best smoked salmon around, and our customer reviews only back up our claim! All orders ship quickly and are beautifully prepared and packaged and with unmatched delivery and price options.

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Fish arrived on time, fresh, and I was very pleased with the texture, smokiness and level of salt which was not extreme. It didn’t last very long!


Love the Icelandic smoked salmon. Glad I ordered it this time. Can’t wait to serve it on Shavuot! Thank you

Pamela S.

Quick turn around on the order. Ice packs were still frozen when it arrived. The salmon is outstanding!

Jeffrey E.

Absolutely delicious! And the price is fantastic!

Leslie H.

Perfect, as usual. Super fast shipping. Smartly packaged to ensure quality on delivery.

Frank C.

This was my second order of Keper salmon still the best I’ve had in 50 years I have a course will return for my next order thank you!!!!

Sherry S
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