Baked Salmon

We are dedicated to producing healthy products and use natural woodsmoke in the smoking and baking process.  No chemicals are used.  Our baked salmon is good on sandwiches as well as in salads.


White Fish

When the season allows we use fish from Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, always top quality and carefully selected.  Our smoked white fish is a popular choice for functions as well as for luncheon and dinners at home.  The fish has a subtle taste.  



Our sable is cut from block cod and is smoked using natural woodsmoke.  As with our white fish, this tasty product is popular for both functions as well as dinners or luncheons on a smaller scale.


Smoked Salmon

Banner smoked salmon compares with the top smoked salmon worldwide and can be found in high end stores in New York and around the Tri-State area.  Our line of nova salmon packs are made from Atlantic salmon rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These machine cut fillets are cured using just the right blend of ingredients, and slowly smoked with real…